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Raffaella Carrà – Italian style icon

Dress by Raffaella Carrà

The Italian actress, singer, dancer and TV host died at 78 last month. Born in Bologna in 1943, Raffaella Maria Roberta Pelloni, known as Raffaella Carrà, studied dance and acting, starring first in a few peplum films and appearing in Mark Robson’s “Von Ryan’s Express” (1965).

“Von Ryan’s Express” (1965)

Later she became more famous as a singer, dancer and co-host of programmes on Italy’s state TV Rai. Her songs, dance, music numbers and outfits made history for inspiring freedom, empowering women. At the end of the 1970s Raffaella became very popular in Spain and Latin America. Televisión Española hired her to conduct the live show “Hola Raffaella” between 1992 and 1993. In 2018, the king of Spain made her a dame, “al orden del mérito civil”, for being “an icon of freedom”. Her blonde bob and costumes became her signatures. Raffella Carrà’s myth developed with her wardrobe, created by costume designers who were loyal to her throughout her career – Corrado Colabucci, Luca Sabatelli and Gabriele Mayer. 

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Raffaella Carrà

Top stylist for 2021: Ib Kamara

Ib Kamara style

Ibrahim Kamara was born in Sierra Leone and spent his childhood in Gambia before moving to London at the age of 11. He later landed a position in Central Saint-Martins, where he studied fashion communication and promotion.

Ib Kamara style
Ib Kamara style
Ib Kamara style

Ibrahim has radical and innovative approach to fashion. His work with photographers such as Ruth Ossai, Kristin-Lee Mulman, Campbell Addy, and Tim Walker can be described as “unapologetically black” and it’s filled with the energy and authenticity.

Ib Kamara style

His style and collaboration soon caught the attention of the fashion industry, and after graduating, he began working with many well-known fashion houses, including Stella McCartney, Burberry, and Dior.

Ib Kamara style
Ib Kamara style
Ib Kamara style

Ibrahim has also shared his artistic leadership with the likes of Beyonce, Samfa and Robin, and has worked with a number of publications such as British Vogue and iD.

Ib Kamara style

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The most expressive Ukrainian constructivist

Constructivism is the artistic movement based on principles of functionalism and favoring mostly simple geometric forms. In painting, constructivism uses abstract combinations of lines, objects, and colored planes.

Vasyl Yermilov has been dubbed the ’Ukrainian Picasso’. In 1910th he studied at the School for Applied Art in Kharkiv and was a member of several art-groups. Under Soviet rule Yermilov designed posters, ‘agit-trains,’ street decorations, billboards, the interiors of public buildings. Yermilov’s synthesis of formalist esthetics, folk designs, and traditional painting methods (including egg tempera) was an important contribution to the development of Ukrainian design of the 1920s. His distinctive style of constructivist collage and typographic design, called constructive-dynamism or spiralism.

Because of his formalist interests Yermilov was forced out of the Soviet art arena from 1930s till 1950s.

In the last years of his life he taught at the Kharkiv Industrial Design Institute (1963–7).

Glory came to him after his death – to the Constructivist, the forerunner of pop art and conceptualism. In 1989 Yermylov’s constructivist composition a “Gorki. 21. I. 1924” was prised 120 000 pounds at Sotheby’s.


Fashion inspiration: the art of Hanna Sobachko-Shostak


Софія Караффа-Корбут “Лісова пісня”