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Doug Abraham’s fashion ads collages

Doug Abraham, founder of the idiosyncratic jewelry and fashion line, creates surreal collages based on fashion imagery on his Instagram feed, @bessnyc4. He has gained a cult following in the fashion and art worlds for his image mashups on Instagram. Doug  has become a cult sensation with over 31,000 followers and a recent nomination for CFDA Instagrammer of the Year.

The artist splices Dior and Prada, Givenchy and Versace, Céline and Moschino adverts with goth, fetish and bondage imagery, creating brilliantly nasty photo collages.  Abraham’s collages are often disfigured into wholly new creatures. Abraham’s magpie method works to establish meaningful correlations between entirely distinct images. Symbiotically repurposing subject, composition, and anatomy is a way for him to alter the narrative.

Doug Abraham says:  “I felt like I’d seen all of the pictures that were cool.  Combining images with other images for me was a way to feel engaged. When I’m putting one kind of picture with another kind of picture, it’s definitely about the choices about one or the other. It becomes like another thing, an image having a conversation with another image. I think it was like trying to find a way to startle myself or to have some experience of a compelling moment of looking. I think it’s good when they have urgency to it.” (Dazed Magazine)  

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