Discovering: Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly Kelly studied art at Jackson State University and then attended Parsons School of Design. While living in Atlanta at age 18 Kelly sold reworked, recycled clothes and served as an unpaid window-dresser at Yves Saint Laurent. YSL chairman Pierre Bergé personally sponsored Kelly in 1988 to form the Paris-based womenswear fashion house Patrick Kelly Paris.


In 1988 he became the American admitted to the Paris’s The Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.His first Louvre show, a spoof on the Mona Lisa, included such numbers as “Jungle Lisa loves Tarzan” (decollete leopard-print gowns) and “Moona Lisa” (Plexiglas-bubble headgear and silver- star-studded dresses).

Patrick Kelly’s black mini with framed portraits of the Mona Lisa, spring / summer ’89.

Patrick Kelly made clothes that made people smile, he blurs the line between fashion and show biz. He make a fast rise to the tophigh-profile clients such as screen legend Bette Davis, supermodel of the era Isabella Rossellini and Paloma Picasso.

Patrick Kelly succumbed to AIDS at the age of 35, he died on New Year’s Day, 1990.

Once, when the correspondent ask him: “Are you growing up?”

“No,” said Kelly. “I’m having fun.”

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