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Charles Jeffrey Loverboy ss 2022

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy ss 2022

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy is one of my favorite young designers. he does not create goods, but artistic images. In the spring-summer 2022 collection, the artist showed bright and mystical images of either shamans or clowns.

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LESIA SEMI SS 2017: “Paint your life”

The motto of the Lesia Semi SS 2017 collection is “Paint your life”.  The entire collection is a reflection of the rhythm in which we live, with its ups and downs. The main idea is a revival and returning to the joy of life. Therefore designer use natural colors and materials, clean lines and shapes.

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Beautiful: Marc Jacobs spring – summer 2017

Sparkle, satin and snakeskin, denim and camouflage, candy-colored dreadlocks and highest platforms – for Marc Jacobs nothing is too much. Stylistycally Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer 2017 collection was between glam-rock and disco. It was a little like Jean-Paul Gaultier in his best times, but very very beautiful:

Marc Jacobs ss 2017


Marc Jacobs ss 2017


I can add only, that dreadlocks for  spring/summer 2017 was showen by young Ukrainian brand Sofitie about a month before Marc Jacobs:

Український вектор розвитку моди на MBKFD

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