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Украина и мода или зачем нам свой фешн

March 18, the fashion marathon gets to Ukraine. Despite all the problems and woes in the country, Ukrainian Fashion Week evolving with each new season. You may be skeptical about the Ukrainian fashion and it is easy to prove that the fashion is not industry in our country, we will never catch up with neither Paris nor China. But the planet twists by optimists and every “no” has it’s “yes”. 

The most powerful argument in favor of the Ukrainian fashion led me to a museum caretaker about ten years ago: “Ukrainian girl was born with a needle in her hand.” And it’s true, Ukrainian woman sewed always – girl makes her dowry, the bride gave the groom embroidered shirt, embroidered by mother shirt guarded the son, a grandmother passed tricks of the trade to her granddaughter. That is why our traditional costume is so filled with positive energy of love and harmony.

“All these shirts are for the village celebrations – it’s not a fashion!” – Say the skeptics. I agree that our culture is rooted in the Ukrainian village. I’m proud of it, because in the villages there are more sincerity, more love for man and nature, more respect for the old values ​​and traditions. Yes, the “village” in Soviet times was called all the old-fashioned, but that times has changed. The XXI century has brought a lot of nonsense in the cities, so the “village” has becoming increasingly cool.

Ukrainian girl was born with a needle in her hand

And about the “fashionable – not fashionable” you can argue for a long. It seemed we just tired with embroidered shirts and then hello again – hello from Valentino Couture spring-summer 2015 show. Beautiful, trendy, expensive embroidered shirts – cool.

Cool and the fact that in 1997 Ukrainian Fashion Week was the first prêt-à-porter Fashion Week in Eastern Europe with format, consistent to international standards and the schedule, inscribed in the world’s fashion schedule.

Cool, that during 18 years our Fashion Week has evolved in many directions: there were interesting inter-seasonal projects, the number of designers participating, cultural program becomes more saturated each season – exhibitions, installations, performances, music videos and movies. And all this at the intersection of art and fashion, the ukrainian fashion.

During 18 years our Fashion Week has evolved in many directions

Cool, that besides the Ukrainian Fashion Week, Ukrainian Fashion develops on the international and regional levels. Our Daria Shapovalova in 2014 entered the list of 500 most influential people in the fashion world, and our Anton Belinsky in 2015 was among the 26 finalists of the LVMH prize. A range of international competitions and exhibitions, boutiques and showrooms, which are attended by Ukrainian designers, expanding with each season.

All of these achievements are even more valuable on the background of the political and economic development of Ukraine – all our fashion based only on the talent and enthusiasm of the people, “bitten by the fashion”. This definition I have borrowed from Andre Tan – the most popular Ukrainian designer.

“Bitten by the fashion” we fanatically do things we love and we do not care about all the difficulties and circumstances. Of course, we do not live in the pink lenses and understand that in the foreseeable future, Ukrainian fashion will be not comparable to the French or Italian, but we are developing and we look in the future with hope.

Sincerely Your’s,

Myroslav Melnyk )



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